Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a tool that digitally recreates and manipulates spatial data that identifies geographic locations of Earth’s natural features and man-made constructs. Georeferencing, Georectifying, and geocoding allow for establishing the relation between raster or vector images and coordinates, as well as determining the spatial location of other geographical features. A well-designed GIS caters to your organization by translating spatial data into valuable information used in jurisdictional, purpose, or application-oriented analysis and decision making.

SSS provides the means of capturing, storing, analyzing, and managing data and associated attributes by integrating, developing or designing the final product to the client’s needs. An effective GIS is modular and scalable, to efficiently interact with your Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), i.e. your framework of geographic data, metadata, users, and tools. SSS staff performs database design and maintenance and Oracle application development to customize a GIS to your satisfaction.

Although GIS is often viewed as a niche enterprise in the larger realm of data management, SSS geospatial data architects treat GIS as an integral component of the overall enterprise data holdings. We make your SDI work for you. We support all aspects of GIS:

  • Data Management Services
  • Data Conversion/Migration
  • Planning & Analysis
  • The system, Database, and Application Development
  • Implementation, Integration, & Design Services
  • Support Services
  • Consulting and Project Management

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our GIS work.